About us


Since 1895, the family business Roldán Oliva has been thriving to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Five generations that, over the years, have converted the old oil mill into a state-of-the-art factory, which preserves tradition and quality but giving way to modernity, to get the premium oil ‘Molino de la Calzada’. Year after year in Roldán Oliva’s history, each process has been perfected, thus becoming an innovative company that currently exports to many international markets, including the United States. Located in the ancient Granada province of the Andalusian region in the south of Spain, where the olive oil tradition is rooted in a character of purity, tradition and know-how since 1000 B.C. In this area, protected by the European designation of origin (P.D.O.) ‘Poniente de Granada’, is the only place where Lucio variety can be found in Spain, the oldest olive tree.

This variety dates back to 600 A.C. when a deep drought devastated the Iberian Peninsula, and most of the plantations perished, including the olive ones. The Lucio variety were vigorous, able to withstand extreme climatic conditions, resistant to pests and diseases and, perfect to repopulate the Spanish landscape. Roldan’s family have always worked, and continues to work, for the preservation of the remaining Lucio olive trees in the current times were profitability and productivity are above everything. Besides, Lucio olives produce a very fragrant oil with green tomato plant, fresh grass and touches of green apple essence. Its flavor is soft and fresh, with sweet and unctuous notes. Lucio olive trees are historical species, with a greatly valuable olive oil, worthy to care for and preserve.


Our Values



The elaboration of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality is the objective by which Roldán Oliva focuses its efforts for more than 120 years, using as support the wisdom of good work and passion for improvement. The prize to the excellence of a life dedicated to olive oil is to obtain the excellent oils Molino de la Calzada.


In Roldán Oliva, we care for the environment, essential to maintain an olive-production history of centuries and to continue to supply us with this precious fruit. Our greatest example is the Lucio olive tree, to which we show a special interest. Illora, our hometown, has the largest surface of Lucios in Spain, with some specimens more than 600 years.


In order to taste the oil inside an elegant bottle of Molino de la Calzada, it must pass a delicate process of elaboration. After the cold grinding of the olive and an indispensable elimination of impurities by filtration, it is stored in an inert atmosphere. Hence, it reaches the consumer’s palate while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of its natural state.


Olive oil is the most important food of the healthy Mediterranean diet and it is well-known for its excellent culinary qualities. Nowadays, it is emphasied its enormous contribution to our health for its therapeutic qualities in its culinary and external use. It stands out as a natural juice that contains hundreds of non-fatty components, among which are vitamins and phenolic compounds, and is proved to be a heart-healthy food and with great antioxidant capacity.