Roldan Oliva offers the maximum flavor in EVOO with Molino de la Calzada, a product family that owes its name to the old stone mill owned by the family with which the first oils were commercialized by 1895.

The best quality oil is obtained from the first cold extraction, when the maximum temperature reached is around 27°C. Molino de la Calzada’s olive oil is always made below this figure, allowing to preserve intact all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of olive oil.

Molino de la Calzada is made only from the olive grove of the Western Granada region, making it unique and exclusive. It is presented in three varieties of extra virgin olive oils made by first cold extraction:


The oil extracted from the Picual olive variety is considered to be the most stable that exists. The large amount of natural antioxidants and its high content of polyphenols help prevent this oil from oxidizing. The palate and smell have a pleasant bitterness and a spicy touch that characterizes it. Within this variety, mountain oils, such as Molino de la Calzada, are usually softer with fresh notes.

The character of Molino de la Calzada Picual & Lucio oil is given by the Lucio variety. It comes from olives of ancient trees that are only found in the municipality of Illora (Granada), thus making this blend an excellent union that offers a unique extra virgin olive oil. 2nd Prize PDO Poniente de Granada 2015-2016.

Tasting Notes: Extra virgin olive oil blend: intense green fruit with notes of leaf, green tomato, fig and banana. Bitter and spicy in medium intensity. Balanced and lingering aftertaste. This variety of oil is very resistant. It is ideal for fish and seafood, stews, sauces, sautéed vegetables, garlicky prawns and ‘pilpil’ cod. High in vitamin E and polyphenols.

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An exquisite blend resulting from the selection of Arbequina, Picual and Lucio varieties, obtained through a delicate sensorial analysis. An extra virgin olive oil of cold extraction very balanced and with suggestive nuances that reinforce the identity of its unique character. 1st prize Sabor Granada 2016 in the category of medium green fruity.

Tasting Notes: Extra virgin olive oil blend: balanced with medium green fruit intensity, with notes of leaves, green tomato, banana and aromatic herbs. Bitter and spicy in medium intensity. Extra virgin olive oil with high freshness thanks to the different varieties that compose it. Perfect to savor raw as salad dressing or with toasts, vegetables and for grill/cooking both meat and fish.

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Arbequina is a variety of olives from which one of the oils with the best organoleptic value of the market is extracted. If you add the climate of Granada, early harvesting and an excellent conservation, you get Molino de la Calzada Arbequina. It is a highly-appreciated product able to conquer palates unaccustomed to the intensity of extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting Notes: Fresh and delicate extra virgin olive oil: intense green fruit, with notes of tomato, banana and apple, bitter and spicy in medium intensity, unparalleled flavor. Perfect to savor raw as salad dressing or with gazpachos, toasts, vegetables, for the grill, rice dishes, paellas and pastry shops. High in vitamin E.

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