1st Cold Extraction. Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since 1895, five generations of the Roldan’s family have been dedicating to elaborate a supreme extra virgin olive oil in the ancient Granada province (Andalucia, Spain). This family tradition, the centennial olive trees of the area and the state-of-the art technology create a pure olive juice from first cold extraction that is sold all around the world. Molino de la Calzada, offers you an extra virgin olive oil made with the olive juice of the Arbequina variety. This oil presents a fresh and delicate character, fruity intense green with notes of tomato, banana and apple, bitter and spicy in medium intensity. Totally a unique flavor.
NUTRITIONAL VALUE Per 100 g. Per Portion 14 g.
ENERGY VALUE: 900Kcal / 3.700 KJ. 126 Kcal-518 Kj
PROTEINS: 0g. 0g.
FATS: 100g. from which: 14g. from which:
Saturated. 13g. 2g.
Monounsaturated. 79g. 11g.
Polyunsaturated. 8g. 1g.
Cholesterol. 0g. 0g.
Vitamin E 200mg. (200% D.V.) 3mg. (30% D.V.)
Vitamin A 200vg. (25% D.V.) 28vg. (3,5% D.V.)

One portion equals one tablespoon. Daily amount recommended by the E.U.

Oil type:

extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina olive variety.


100% extra virgin olive oil


Max. 0.3º


color: greenish gold. taste: very soft in mouth, banana and apple taste touching, little bitter and nothing spicy punctuation in tasting profile: according International Olive Council method.